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Mar. 11th, 2011 | 01:32 am

I'm sorry, darling
for not listening to you, when I should have...
for understanding you too few, I should have tried...

I'm sorry, darling
for not trusting you, for every doubt that rose

I can see clearly now
I see that precious soul inside

I want to love the one you really are
even the bad sides
in your sparkling eyes, they fade...

So please forgive me now, for every time I did you harm

I'm at the bridge, the place where we first met, do you remember?
I took you out to eat and we laughed a lot
This time, I won't let go of your hand, I promise...

You're lonely and cold at night, I see you shiver
If you could only give me one more chance
I would lay the blanket
right above you and me
and keep you warm again, I promise...

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